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We have a big old barn of a tent and it didn't move an inch. We never had to repeg it at all, and we love that you can see the top of the peg like a marker for where the ropes are. When it was time to pack up, we dreaded pulling the pegs out as we were sure they'd snap or be hard to pull out....but no, they came out solidly and smoothly.
We are total coverts. I can't imagine us camping without our deltas now. We love them! Sturdy, safe and reassuringly strong is another way we thought of them. 'Andi - September 2017’

We're back from Eweleaze and very grateful for having taken the Delta Pegs! It was extremely windy (and wet at times!) and a lot of tents were destroyed including one in our group. We ended up sharing some of the Delta Pegs with some friends who had quite a flimsy tent and it managed to survive the week. Denise August 2017

I recently purchased some of your yellow 'Super-tough' nylon composite Delta Pegs and have to say I am totally satisfied with them. The pegs look good and are of excellent quality. The first thing I noticed was how easy they are to put in and once in how solid they are fixed. The fact they lie flush to the ground and the bright yellow colour means there is no chance of stubbing toes or treading on sharp pegs and you definitely won’t leave them behind! However, the main thing is how secure they are, peace of mind on even the windiest of days! Everyone should carry some of these pegs in their camping kit.
Gary, Somerset July 2016

Just back from two weeks in the Outer Hebrides where we experienced winds of over 50 mph at times! Not only did the pegs securely hold the tent down but importantly for me I had total piece of mind. Would highly recommend them. Gillian August 2015

"Delta pegs kept the tent up in a strong coastal wind and the pegs never moved, easy to put in and easy to get out. Thoroughly recommended." Dave August 2015

Many thanks for the peg puller. It's an excellent product, well finished and I look forward to many years use. Dave August 2015

I have just used your plastic Deltagroundanchors to secure my large windbreak whilst on holiday in Cornwall, the pegs held secure in 30 mph+ winds but the poor steel end pole bent!!

I have also 3 stainless steel ones ... these held some of my main awning guys without moving a fraction. I inherited your products when I purchased a caravan

Both great products . Eric June 2015

Just a note to say what a great product. Used last year on my awning which is up for 9 months of the year. Pegs never moved at all through out the high winds we had last year. Gave me great confidence to leave awning erected when we are not at site. Chris, May 2015

Our nylon deltas were terrific last year, I can't wait to try the stainless version. What a great product you have :) I consider these to be essential camping kit and would not be without them now
James April 2015

They performed fantastically...
"...on two occasions so far I have been out in extremely strong, worrying high winds and the delta pegs have more than been worth the money I paid for them. They performed fantastically and hadn't moved a mm in all the time that the wind battered my awning"
Steve August 2014

Service beyond compare
"I recently ordered two dog tethers and due to one of my senior moments I only ordered one plus something I did not require. I contacted the firm and have only been treated with respect and cheerfulness. My order was immediately altered and delivered by first class delivery. Quality of products is first class and I can recommend them to anyone. No more tangles with the dogs leads like with the screw type pegs. Honesty, help, consideration and efficiency is their byword."
John, North Yorkshire May 2012

"We came across Delta Ground Pegs a couple of weeks ago during a camping trip in Ramsgate. The wind was unbelievable and we were quite worried about losing our tent and our two sons during the night. Thankfully one of our neighbours, in a caravan, came to our rescue with these magical Delta Pegs. We used his pegs to secure our tent against the almost gale force winds and settled in for a very noisy night. The next morning on inspecting the carnage, several other tents had suffered terribly, but ours hadn't moved a millimetre. We have now purchased our own pegs and are off camping again, in a week, safe in the knowledge that our tent will not be going anywhere!

These pegs are nothing short of miraculous, an absolutely brilliant invention and one I would happily and heartily recommend to all and sundry. Thank you camping god for Delta Pegs!"
Sophie, Kent September 2010

"Delta Ground Anchors have made all other tent pegs redundant."
Frank Elson, Land Rover Monthly.

"Delta Ground Anchors are the only product on the market strong enough for our application" (
Adrian Howard, Product Development Manager, Mookie.

"We have been using steel anchors from Delta in our Portable Helicopter landing pads for the past year. We are confident in their ability to hold our pad in place under what would normally be considered as adverse conditions, allowing that the downdraft is approx 180 miles per hour"
John King, Managing Director, Linear Guidance Illumination.

"I am happy to say that I have never been so impressed with a piece of camping equipment before. We use Delta pegs on the main guyropes of a 6 berth tunnel tent. They are easy to use, and provide terrific stability due to their ingenious design. Even in gale force winds and very damp ground during a Lake District storm, our tent remained completely solid and there was absolutely no need to go out in the foul weather to check or re-secure them. I recommend them most highly to any camper who wants to be sure of a reliably secured tent which will withstand severe weather conditions."
Jane, Derbyshire

This is my second purchase of this item as quite honestly we have been so impressed with the item that we have decided to keep one in our camper van whilst the first will be used when out in the front garden at home. Our Golden Retriever is generally very calm, but often cannot resist the temptation to chase one of our cats and so tethering on a long leash ensures that he does not launch himself into the road and the path of an oncoming car or horse! He has attempted this once already when tethered to the anchor and I must say it held securely, which is quite a feat as he weighs in at 30kg!
Colin, Hampshire

We Wild Camped in the Lakes on Sunday / Monday and the Delta Ground Anchors were well and truly tested. We had winds gusting from 50 to 70 mph all night and in the morning. It was difficult to stand up at times. We had two tents and we both used the Delta Ground Anchors to secure the guy lines. We used a rubber mallet to securely insert the pegs into the stoney ground. Despite the constantly gusting winds the ground anchors held tight and secure and showed no signs whatsoever of becoming loose. We can see from the design of the ground anchors that they afford exceptional security and we are most impressed with the product. ...
David. October 2014

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