Delta Ground Anchors

Delta Ground Anchors
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We have listed our products below; further information is available on the 'product ordering' page.

stainless with carbine hook   

Original 150mm patented stainless steel Delta peg.

standard puller for web   

Handmade 200mm stainless steel peg puller.

extended peg puller    

Handmade extra long strong stainless steel puller for easy removal. Approximately 600mm length.

yellow nylon tent peg   

'Super-tough' nylon composite ultimate design protected Delta peg in yellow. 150mm.

delta rock pegs   

Delta 'ROCKS'. Registered Design.
For awnings,canopies and any soil.

tether carbine hook   

Delta dog ties. Registered Design protected,non-tangling,super-strong stainless steel tethers for any size of dog.104mm across flats.

NB. Pegs sold separately. Please email for further details

rock pegs   

Handmade rock pegs, suitable for Delta dog tie above.

t bar rock pegs   

Handmade stainless steel T bar rock pegs. 200mm length. For further information please contact us:

Thor hammer   

Thor nylon hammer- suitable for use with nylon and stainless steel Delta Ground Anchors]

large clingon peg   

Large Clingon

clam cleats   


CL260 Line-Lok® Guy Runner for 2-5mm lines

pole connector   

Pole Connector 12.7mm(1/2") angled connectors available now- Hand made from stainless steel.

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